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5.0 | 02-06-2018

Review by Donald H. in Plainfield, IL
Project: Repair or Service a Water Treatment & Purification System
Very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and provided great service. The job was done right!

5.0 | 02-01-2018

Review by Rita B. in Plainfield, IL
Project: Repair or Service a Water Treatment & Purification System They are very knowledgeable and I felt like I could trust them to give me a fair price for the work. I definitely recommend them.

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5.0 | 08/30/2018

Katie C.
Family owned and super friendly. The salesman taught us a lot about what water does to our plumbing and appliances. He was quick to return my calls and answer any and all questions I had. Highly recommend them to anyone.

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Confessions are tough…real tough. However, I feel it’s definitely time to clear the air of this one. For years I had taught thousands and thousands of people, patients, and clients that our water supply was toxic and tainted however, I continued to use it in my own home for my own family that I loved more than anything in the whole world!!! Some would call that “bigotry”! Finally one day when the news report came out, “Pharmaceutical drugs found in our water supply” my conscious got the best of me. It was time to do something. But what was I to do? I didn’t know where to turn for a resource to clean up our home water supply? Then another Doctor friend of mine, Dr. Hutter introduced me to Bill Haley, from B H Water Purification. And my prayers were answered.

So let’s talk about the ‘elephant in the room’, money! You see, one of the major reasons people hold back from getting a whole house water treatment system is COST. PERIOD. Many of the systems out there that my colleagues were purchasing for their homes cost more than $10,000!!! Some actually spent over $15,000!!! Then they would tell me things like, ‘well what is your family’s health worth?” Which I completely agreed with. Yet I still couldn’t bring myself to spend over $10,000 on a system.

After Bill came over from B H, my mind was at ease. He came over and did a FREE water test and showed me just how toxic and polluted my home tap water was! Boy was that eye opening. After seeing that I was prepared to pay the big money to do what ever I had to do to protect my family.

So I said, “Sign me up.” Bill did all the work, scheduled all of the professionals for the installation, and we had completely clean and safe water for our family in less than 7 days from signing up. And the level of service and professionalism that this company demonstrated was nothing short of top notch. I knew that when I got the invoice, it was not going to be cheap.

Well, the moment of truth had finally come. And that was the invoice. Again, prepared to pay over $10,000 for the system, I nearly PASSED OUT from surprise when he gave me the invoice. It was over 60% less than what I was prepared to pay!!! What an answer to my prayers. Thanks Bill and B H Water Purification for adding life to my family’s years and YEARS to my family’s life. OUR HEALTH IS PRICELESS!

I am the father of 6 small children and we switched out our water system a little over a year ago. Since the beginning Dan and his team have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Our water tastes great and our kids love to drink it. It has been a great investment for our family. Dan’s customer service is second to none.
Shamus –Joliet

We put a whole-house purification system with Reverse Osmosis tap in about three years ago with exceptional results; Maintenance Free and no problems.
Bruce & Kathleen Clover Peotone, IL

We called Bill to solve our rust in our water. We are beyond satisfied, and look forward to a continued relationship for our water needs.
Pathway Christian Fellowship Shorewood, IL

We’ve put in a lot of B&H water equipment for several years due to the fact that we run into a lot of pragmatic water, hardness, iron, sulfur, etc. and they always solved the problem! They have always been beyond great to work with.
Robert Builders Peotone, IL

Sulfur, bad odor. B&H put in a system and it solved the problems. No maintenance. I recommended it to my sister and my nephew. They also went with B&H. We all have Channahon well water and they solved the problems.
Steve Ritt of Channahon Fire Department, Fire Chief

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